Green canvas watch strap on the wrist with hand in pocket

Why Choose A Canvas Watch Strap?

What Is Canvas?

Canvas straps are typically created from softer materials such as cotton. Sometimes this will contain blend of long staple fibres and short stable fibres, helping the construction of the strap to be as durable as possible.


Canvas straps are relatively soft, making them very comfortable on the wrist. Additionally, they can typically get wet with no issues and as a result they are also machine washable should the need arise!

Canvas offers a smart but subtly more casual look when compared with leather or metal. They are extremely versatile, making them very popular with a wide range of models and watch types.

Other Considerations

Due to it’s more casual appearance, canvas is not best suited for very smart attire for example with a suit, or very smart dress at work. Additionally, canvas can a take a while to dry out once wet, especially when compared with a rubber or metal strap.

Ideal Uses

Evenings, weekends, BBQ’s and general more casual events, especially in the summer. However, canvas can also be used in the pool or in the sea with no issues. You may wish to rinse salt water from the strap after sea use however, to improve it’s longevity.

Want To Try A Canvas Strap?

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